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Meet Milly

Milly is an avid runner and endurance athlete. As a teenager she struggled with ADHD. She overcame this after suffering a heart arrhythmia from medication, by changing her diet and running before school. This change empowered her to help others to see how a healthy lifestyle can impact your quality of life.


Milly is a running and strength coach living in Southern Connecticut. She is currently training to run 7 marathons on 7 continents and for the Florida Ironman on behalf on the X2 performance triathlon team.

Why Triathalons?

I started running in high school as a way to control my ADHD. I used running before school and good nutrition to alleviate my symptoms without using medication. I was training at a high level at MVP Sports Center and became more fixated on the training aspect than on my sport, basketball, at the time. I began to intern there and soon studied for my NASM C.P.T, becoming a personal trainer after that. I moved to Denver for University and became enamored with the outdoor lifestyle: hiking 14ers, rock climbing, mountain biking, you name it, I did it. After moving to Connecticut to start my masters in exercise science, I decided that my old pastimes would not be as fulfilling out on the east coast. So I decided to go with the crowds and jump into triathlons. I had casually road biked in Denver, but began to take it more seriously, and with the help of CompuTrainers saw some great improvements. Wanting to do something with my running other than just fixate on number's and PR's I set a goal to fundraise for the Connecticut Challenge (a center for cancer survivors) and run 7 Marathons on 7 Continents. Meanwhile, I was lucky enough to find the positive, energetic culture of Sherpa, a fitness facility in Westport where I am now a strength and running coach. Being around such motivating people, I was encouraged by a friend to sign up for the Syracuse Half Ironman. Having done two sprints in my life (one in which I only do one course of the bike, and did breaststroke in the lake in combat my hypothermia sans wetsuit) I was thrown in headfirst and I couldn't be loving the sport more!

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