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Challenge 7 X 7


Milly will be running seven marathons on seven continents. She will use social media outlets, to track her progress including training, nutrition, frequent races and healthy lifestyle choices to motivate others.



The intention of Challenge 7x7 is to inspire others to fully appreciate what they are capable of and live healthier and more passionate lives. Her book and lectures at the conclusion of the challenge will detail her journey and the steps that were taken to achieve the goal. Sponsors will be mentioned as an integral part of her experience.



Raising funds for research at the Connecticut Challenge Center for Survivorship. Keith M. Bellizzi Ph.D, MPH, and Associate Professor of the University of Connecticut will conduct this research project. The goal is to confirm that certain lifestyle interventions will reduce cancer recurrence and improve the quality of life for cancer survivors.


Mission Statement

To encourage and motivate everyday individuals to do the unthinkable, ultimately leading to more energetic, vicarious and healthier lives.


Sponsoring Incentives

$1,000 = link on website

$2,000 = link on website, promotion on race apparel

$3,000 = link on website, race apparel and mention in book

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