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"I watched my gym's trainers at work and decided Milly was the best there by far. We started working together immediately for two days a week. From the beginning, we disagreed on how much I could be expected to do. Exercise after exercise was introduced. Each time, I told Milly I couldn't do it. Each time she told me I could. 'You can do it John,' I would hear, repeatedly and unendingly. She was always right. From time to time we revist stuff from the early days and she remind me of this. 


In the beginning I questioned Milly on how she knews I could do all the stuff. No more. I know she knows. I do the stuff. Sometimes, impressed with myself, I try to show my kids and grandkids what the old guy can do. I can do maybe two or three at home. With Milly talking encouragment in my ear as I'm doing the same thing, 'You can do it, John,' I can do fifteen. 


While I've been through the mortal agony of doing what Milly says I can do, we've become friends. One of the unstated qualifcations for being my fitness trainer was something between the ears and a good sense of humor. That's Milly. When I lose balance and make a ballet move across the floor, we both laugh hysterically. We talk constantly. I count Milly among my close circle of valued friends."


- John Hax, 76 years old, 2 artifical hips, diagnosed with inoperable prostate cancer in 2004, Former USMC helicopter pilot.....Oh and master of a TRX plank....

"Milly introduced herself to me at the gym around 10 months ago and asked if I would like a personal trainer. I knew just walking on a treadmill or pushing or pulling on some machines would not build me back into shape after many years of a sedentary office work lifestyle. We talked about my goals and desire of building core strength, and improvement in my balance and flexibility, including an overt desire to lose some weight, build my energy and stamina and improve my golf game.
Today I have lost 25 lbs, and importantly build muscle mass and tone in my core. I have more energy and my golf handicap is several shots better.
Milly is an extremely knowledgable and caring trainer. She pays very specific attention to the details of how you perform an exercise routine, while explaining what muscle groups will be utilized and strengthened by that specific routine. Not only is Milly knowledgable but she challenges you to always maximize your performance.
Milly is a great communicator, has a wonderful sense of humor and has made a difference in my physical well being.
One word of caution if she asks you to do burpees feign injury."
- Pat Callaghan 

Milly coached me to my goal time in my first marathon this spring and I had a fantastic experience with her.  In the months before I officially began training, Milly collected information from me on my general fitness level, running experience, training availability, anticipated problems and goals for the race.  She put together a comprehensive four month training plan for me that outlined each day's workout, but allowed room for flexibility based on my schedule.  Milly found a great balance between keeping me on my toes with new and challenging work outs, while still keeping the plan clear and consistent.  She checked in on my progress frequently and was always available for trouble shooting and could change my assigned work outs at the drop of a hat if necessary.  For example, during my second month of training, I was experiencing ankle pain during long runs.  Milly immediately developed an alternative plan for me involving biking and rowing that would allow me to still meet my work out goals without putting further stress on my ankle.  She checked in daily throughout that period, adjusting work outs as my ankle improved and slowly eased me back into running when I was feeling better.  


In addition to her excellent coaching, Milly is a wealth of nutritional advice, interesting physiology information, race tips and encouragement.  I have worked with several coaches in the past and recommend Milly most highly for your coaching.  She is professional, extremely knowledgeable and capable and a pleasure to work with!


- Julia Martin


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