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Dr. Joshua Lander has been in private practice since 2001 caring for individuals with various physical health conditions. Dr. Lander is a chiropractor with board certification in clinical neuroscience. He is also an exercise scientist, researcher, and strength & conditioning professional.

Dr. Lander currently directs Lander Sport + Health Sciences in Westport, CT. He is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy and Human Movement Science at Sacred Heart University (Fairfield, CT). He is a former All-American collegiate boxer and is currently a competitive amateur triathlete.


Altra's FootShape™ toe box allows the toes to relax and spread out naturally and the big toe to remain in a straight position for maximum stability and power.


Every Altra shoe is built on a Balanced Cushioning™ platform that positions the heel and forefoot an equal distance from the ground. This natural foundation aids in optimal alignment, cultivates better form, and encourages a low-impact landing.


The ultimate zero drop shoe for increasing efficiency and foot strength while providing a variety of products for stability, casual, the trails and racing. 


Base performance provides premiere nutrition supplements for endurance athletes. Base has developed a unique and simple system with a variety of products for endurance athletes to improve performance, gain lean muscle and increase endurance. 


Best of all the variety of flavors of mixing and matching hydro and amino products means tons of flavors for those long weekends! Their salt delivery product is second to none, getting straight into the blood stream for optimal uptake. 

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Connecticut's favorite mom & pop specialty running store, focusing on clinical gait analysis and product selection second to none.


What sets Sound Runner apart? Their focus on individualization and their depth of knowledge and detail. 


Created by a physician bioengineer (MD, PhD) to enhance blood flow and speed recovery, the NormaTec PULSE Massage Pattern employs three key techniques—pulsing, distal release, and gradients—all to maximize your recovery. 


I use Normatec to prep for key sessions and as a way to wind down after a hard day. Associating routine with relaxation enhances the benefits. 

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