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"Milly is highly knowledgable and dedicated to pushing her clients to be their best. Training with Milly had made me a stronger and overall better

athlete. I always look forward to my workouts, her positive energy is infectious" - Bethany Horne Ironman "completor" 







"Through an individual focus on my specific training plan, combined with her knowledge of sport science and triathlon, she has led me to a level of performance I had never envisioned for myself. She holds her athletes to a high standard of accountability, while continuously encourage them to 'trust the process' and 'push their limits' "- Billy Harkawik 10:09 1st time Ironman








"I have had trainers before and Milly isn't a just a trainer. She really takes the time to understand who you are and what the goals you have for yourself are. She then helps you reach them. She knows when you need to be pushed to go farther and when she needs to hold back and let you catch your breath. She has used her extensive knowledge and experience to think outside the box in order to let me chase my goals all the while accommodating my crazy life, schedule, history of injuries, etc. I have done things with Milly's help and encouragement that i wouldn't have attempted before. You're in very good hands with Milly. As I said, she's more than a trainer. She's the best fucking trainer you'll have." - Maria Mulvehill, mother of 4 girls under age 8







"When I miss working out with Milly, my body does not feel as healthy and young as when I have my scheduled workout. She knows how to fix all of the kinks that occur and I always feel better mentally and physically after an hour workout (or torture, depending on how you look at it)"- Laurie Orr, 64yr-old Grandma of 10 (and counting!)







"Through online coaching I have found that Milly is more than happy to accommodate travel or work commitments. Uploading training data and getting regular feedback from Milly keeps my accountable, and that feedback has been both constructive and motivating" - Kirsty McCarthy coached overseas from England



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