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  • M.S. Exercise Science (Southern Connecticut State University)

  • B.S. Psychology and Biology (University of Denver)

  • Certified Nutritionist (eCornell)

  • USAT Level II Coach

  • USAC Level III Coach 

  • Certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS)

  • Girls Gone Strong Certified Pre & Post Natal coach 

Millys background has contributed to her philosophy of an n=1 approach to helping her clients. During high school she was a varsity basketball player and spent countless hours working to improve every aspect of her game. She joined an athletic training center to enhance her sport performance. It was here that her passion for strength, power and agility training began. Milly began working at this training center where she learnt the foundation for her career. 

During basketball Milly discovered her natural ability for endurance and running. She qualified for state championships and continued her love for running competing in various races throughout her time at the University of Denver. During Millys time in Denver she embraced a “when in Rome” mentality and spent her time skiing, hiking 14ers, mountain biking and rock climbing. It was during these activities Milly experimented with a variety of strength and conditioning work to enhance her enjoyment in these recreational hobbies. She also began her personal training career. 

After a move to the northeast to complete her masters, Milly began her triathlon career. She would go on to compete at a semi-professional level winning multiple triathlons, completing over 10 Ironman races as a Gold All world athlete as well as qualifying for the IRONMAN world championships multiple times. It was through this endeavor Milly was immersed in a highly detailed program focused on ultimate performance. 

Through her elite competitive time Milly experienced several surgical injuries. One to make lemonade out of lemons she embraced this time to dive into another n=1 experiment of managing rehab with multiple injuries. In 2020 she had 3 orthopedic surgeries and found ways to complete shoulder rehab 3 months post op at the time of having ankle surgery. Finding creative ways to keep active and allow the body to repair and recovery despite limitations. 

Milly is passionate about finding creative ways to make training specific to individual needs. What sets her apart is her commitment to continuing her education by staying current reading the latest scientific studies and continuing testing clients to have mini goals. 

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