Mental Fitness

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

“I will never break up with my gym, we just seem to workout.” -HA!

Start your morning with a witty quote, something to put a smile on your face. There is joy in everything in life and it is important to not take yourself too seriously.

At the end of the day any fitness goal should ultimately enrich your life and bring happiness.

Now you’re feeling witty, think about WHIT (even funnier its spelt incorrectly!) Use this acronym to set the stage for your mind and stay motivated on your fitness journey.

There are typically 3 main areas of focus for people in pursuing fitness: health and injury prevention, performance or body image. Each journey has its own mental challenges. Below are examples for each step of WHIT for individuals on each unique journey.

Why do I want this?

How am I going to make this happen?

Imagine the process

Today is the only thing in our control, yesterday’s history, tomorrow’s a mystery.

Why do I want this?

  • Health & injury prevention focused

I want to get better and feel better so I can do (insert activity) quicker.

  • Performance focused:

I want to get a PR in my race time to show improvement on my journey due to my commitment.