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Probiotics & Performance

With so many supplements on the market claiming to aid performance and maximize health, it can be hard to decipher which to choose from. Athletes are constantly depleting themselves on a daily basis so it is critical that their nutritional needs are taken as seriously if not more than their training! A strong healthy body is the best foundation an athlete can have.

Strengthen immune system

Immune systems are compromised in periods of heaving training and particularly immediately after a long session. Probiotics help to alleviate intestinal inflammation in the gut.

Reduce GI distress

The additional of beneficial bacteria improves digestion, which can help to ward off those marathon porta-potty moments as well as race day cramping, nausea, diarrhea etc.

Improved digestion and absorption of nutrients

Better digestion will also lead to an enhanced ability to absorb micronutrients from nutrient dense foods eaten outside of your workouts.

Enhanced recovery

Greater nutrient absorption equals enhanced recovery.

Protection during open water swims

Triathlon open water swims are often in contaminated waters. The addition of good bacteria can help to fight off the bad bacteria taken in during races.

Restore friendly bacteria from antibiotics

If you do have to resort to antibiotics from infections etc. the probiotics will help to restore friendly bacteria that has been killed off.

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