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The Shoe Relationship: Finding "the one"

Updated: May 25, 2020

“A shoe is not only a design, but it's a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you're going to move is quite dictated by your shoes.”Christian Louboutin

One of the beauties of the sport of running is the simplicity of equipment; you can run anywhere, anytime as long as you have a pair of shoes. It is the number one question I get from runners “What shoe do you recommend?” My answer is “I recommend the shoe that works for you. Feet are like personalities, no two are the same and each one has different needs.”  Then you throw in the varying shoes for different runs: you don’t want a clunky cushioned shoe to rip ¼ mile repeats, nor a light and responsive shoe for a 15 miler.  I am an advocate of not being “married” to a shoe, you should know what characteristics you like in a shoe and be able to spot that. Similar to a relationship ending, we have all experienced our favorite “shoe” being discontinued. But if you know what you liked about your old “shoe” you can go out and find another one.  For me, having a shoe that has a 0mm drop is one of my characteristics I look for. What I love about Altra Running and what I see works well across the board is their variety of shoe types to cater to varying wants and needs, all with the same basic design: being a 0mm drop shoe. I have tried mostly all of the Altra shoes and below is the sweet spot combination I have found. I recommend to all my clients the following shoes:

 1.) A cross training shoe, flat with no cushion for the gym, you can feel your feet which will translate up your legs to activate the right muscles. The Vali fits that bill, as well as doubling up as a “lifestyle” shoe.   2.) A  high-cushioned and supportive shoe for long runs. The Duo or Torin keep my feet happy and healthy for the distance or Ironman marathon racing.  3.) The Escalante racer and Solstice are lighter shoes for speed work and anything below a 10K. 

4.) If you are a fan of the trails the Lone Peak is great for trail running or even hiking.   This shoe would be for the more avid runner, the Vanish is a great option if you are doing a lot of regular track work.

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